ScribbleNot DumbLimited is a game announced at the P3 video-game convention. It is rated N for Nobody cares what it's rated because little kids will play the fricking game anyways.


Maxwell's sister gets turned into a rock by a hobo for some reason. Then Maxwell has to get shards of stars and help his 1000 brothers for some other confusing reason. In the end it turns out that the hobo is really Maxwell's Dad. Cuckoo......


  • Level 1 - There's a person made out of nachos. Solution: Eat the nacho guy.
  • Level 2 - There's a person made out of bacon. Solution: Eat the bacon guy.
  • Level 3 - There's a person made out of chocolate. Solution: Should I even tell you?
  • Level 4 - A giant monkey kidnapped Santa Claus. Solution: Kill the monkey. Eat Santa Claus. It's that simple!
  • Level 5 - Gremlins took over all of Warner Bros. so that way they could make a third Gremlins film without Steven Speilberg's permission. Solution: Um... wait, I don't even know what the problem is in this level!
  • Level 6 - All your base are belong to us! Solution: Make enough memes to crash the game, then hack the game to play as MissingNo. the glitch Pokemon, and then make it rain Homer Simpson clones.
  • Level 7 - Some jerks think that Waluigi is playable in Super Mario 64 DS. Solution: Hack Super Mario 64 DS so that way you can play as Waluigi.

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