Wikia agent mario

How Mario looked back when he first met Maxwell.

Mario used to be a friend of Maxwell and saved him from getting killed by The Wierdos In charge of Killing Innocnets and Admins from different sites once but turned out it was just a trap because it was revealed he worked for W.I.K.I.A. Later on, he was hired by "Whackos In love with Killing Innocent People and fellow Evil Doers but one In particular And that ones W.I.K.I.A.", a rival of W.I.K.I.A., to pose as his mobster-clone Mr. Mario, a minion of W.I.K.I.A. a very important member of the W.I.K.I.A. staff, and say to the public W.I.K.I.A. brainwashes there users to make wikis about the most stupidest things ever (which is true, actually, but W.I.K.I.P.E.D.I.A. kills there members and poses as them, which is so worse!) but was later confronted and virtually killed by the W.I.K.I.A. super computer known as The S.A.N.N.S.E., which isn't so bad 'cuz really he was just banned from the UnMario Wiki, but later confronted by an assassin hired by W.I.K.I.A. named F.R.E.E.W.E.B.S. on Toad-Town Island In North Mushroom Kingdom and decapitated. 2 Years later, Maxwell visited his grave in memory of this loving friend and placed a note that said "Majorly Jerkish Ex-Bro" on his grave just before dancing on it. His grave is on the Koopahari Dessert just on the south of Mushroom Kingdom.
Super Mario.

How Mario looked before he was killed by F.R.E.E.W.E.B.S.

Shows he's in.Edit

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