Crazy Maxwell is a Shame made by Stupid Sega. Its rated R.S.A.E.S.B.I.H.K.I.I.T. (Realy Stupid And Egg Sucking But It Has Killing In It Though.) And was made by Maxwell's Mom, 'Cause she thinks he's CRAZY!


  1. Beat up the security Guards of the Mansion. FOR YOU DESERVE YOURE MONEY THAT IS IN THAT MANSION! So, after you beat them, You walk inside and get Money.
  2. Walk outside the Mansion, and see the Bank, you go rob it for More Money. A cop comes and tries to kill you. So, you kill e'm. After that, you get Money! Then you use youre Magic Note Pad and write "Cop" when you were trying to spell Cake.
  3. Now, you have to kill the cop. Good Luck!
  4. You kill the cop, then meet Cup, and he gives you all his Money. You say "Thank you!" Then kill Cup. After that, Youre Worst Enemy comes, Fight him! Pizza Good Luck!
  5. You kill youre enemy, knowing, he has a cookie at home that he wants to eat, then, a Evil Creature playing a Video Same assaults you with Cake, you DIE! The End????????????

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