Bad Maxwell! is a spin-off of Crazy Maxwell.

It was made by Chadzwell.

And rated M for Mint ice cream.


  1. Now, to enter the club that you need to go in, use youre Magic Note Pad and write "MOIVHEFCS" then, tell the MOIVHEFCS to eat the guards. Then, go inside the club, Bring the MOIVHEFCS inside, Now, you made it to the Alienuts fan club!
  2. Now, youre MOIVHEFCS scared everyone away, So, kill it. Now, walk out of the Alienuts fanclub and go to Burger King.
  3. In Burger King, Mario shoots at you, you grab youre magic note-pad, then write "Flying Zombified Butt-head", and have it kill mario. Then, get youre French Fry's! now, nuke burger king.
  4. Burger King asplodes into chicken nuggets. You eat them..... Now, a Magic Portal opens and Teletubbies come out and drag you into the portal. THE END? (At least the end of this part!)

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